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World Hello Day 2019

Date Posted: 21/11/2019

Guess what? November 21st this year marks the 47th annual World Hello Day. So… we’d like to start firstly by saying hello!

The origin of this memorable day began in response to the conflict between Egypt and Israel in 1973. Since this date, Word Hello Day has been observed and celebrated by over 180 countries. The point of today is to simply greet ten people to demonstrate the importance of personal communication to preserve peace all across the world.

As well as us saying hello to you personally, we’d also like to say hello to some of our favourite countries across the globe who are supporting the reason why today exists. As we said, 180 countries celebrate World Hello Day, so we only have the time (and space) to greet a handful.

Let’s get started…

Croatia - "Bog!"

Czech Republic - "Ahoj!"

England - "Hello!"

Hawaii - "Aloha!"

Hungary - "Üdvözlöm!"

Italy - "Ciao!"

Japan - "Kon’nichiwa!"

Portugal - "Olá!"

Russia - "Zdrahvdz-vuee-tyeh!"

Turkey - "Merhaba!"


We challenge you today… Whether it’s your colleagues, family, friends, or the nice elderly lady at the bus stop – say hello! You’ll be surprised how much it will make someone’s day.