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The Enchanted Forests of Hogwarts

Date Posted: 28/05/2019

Widen your wizard knowledge and take an adventure into the magical world of Harry Potter.

For the first time ever, see even further beyond the safe grounds of Hogwarts in the newest addition to the Harry Potter family.
Just in time to kick-start your summer, the ‘Enchanted Forests of Hogwarts’ opens at Universal on 13th June 2019.

Uncover the secrets of the Forbidden Forest as you fly above and beyond into the restricted sections; through twists and turns allow the towering trees, captivating creatures, and mind-blowing surprises consume you. Be careful not to fall victim to the endless pit of the Devil’s Snare or anger the hidden residents of the forest. As who knows what your fate may be! You’re guaranteed to be safe with Harry’s mentor at your side as you take off on a magical motorbike. Hurdle past obstacles and beasts beyond your wildest dreams to discover the wizarding world’s rarest creatures.


©Universal Studios

Let’s take a look and see what else the spellbinding world of Harry Potter has to offer… Split between two lands, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is one not to be missed.

Walk behind the walls of London’s streets into Diagon and Knockturn Alley and visit the unique village of Hogsmeade nestled at the foot of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

Before stepping foot onto the cobbled streets of Diagon Alley peek into the windows of the emergency transport for stranded witches and wizards. The purple triple-decker bus on the London embankment is one of the two actual prop buses used in the film Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and is decked out with curtains, beds, and an ornate chandelier. If you’re lucky you may even hear the chatter from the shrunken head hanging in the front window.

Fulfil your wizarding dreams by following in the footsteps of the boy who lived and visit the famous wizard establishments including Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes and Quidditch Supplies. Let the wand choose the wizard in Ollivanders wand shop or from rival wands by Gregorovitch and make your dream of becoming a wizard a reality. With towering walls revealing thousands of boxes filled with wands; your perfect match awaits. You can purchase your own unique wand and set or try casting a spell with the interactive wands.

Take your Harry Potter experience to a whole new level and shop like a real wizard. Visit the money exchange shop and get your hands on Gringott bank notes before purchasing your souvenirs in the Harry Potter Worlds. Watch out for the fire-breathing dragon as you dive into the depths of Gringott’s bank on a thrill-inducing multi-dimensional ride watch. Will you survive the banks’ stringent security measures and evade the wrath of the malicious villains?


©Universal Studios

Cool off from the scorching Florida heat at the Fountain of Fair Fortune or The Hopping Pot with a must-have Butterbeer (other drinks are available) or sample a transforming beverage at Eternelle’s Exlixir of Refreshments kiosk.  Feeling hungry? Take your taste buds back to British soil with a traditional British meal at the Leaky Cauldron; tuck into delicacies such as Toad in the Hole and fish and chips to feel right back at home.
Drawn in by the Dark Arts? Creep down the side street just off Diagon Alley into the infamous Knockturn Alley. Known for its shady patrons, walk along the dim lit street and delve into the lives of a Death Eater by visiting Borgin and Burkes.
Why walk to Hogesmede when you can travel in wizarding style? Using a Park-to-Park admission ticket to board the famous Hogwarts Express at Kings Cross before arriving in Hogesmede. Make sure you do the return journey to experience a completely different kind of scenery.


©Universal Studios

Explore the charming snow-covered village in Hogesmede and browse the odd assortment of wizarding goods in Dervish and Banges. Pick up everything from your own sneakoscopes to the latest Quidditch broom. Satisfy your sweet tooth in the legendary Honeydukes sweet shop and don’t forget to mail your letters home with a special Hogsmeade postmark from the Owl Post.

Finish your wizarding shopping trip in the go-to Three Broomsticks with a selection of traditional British dishes to enjoy. At the back of the snow-capped inn is the home of the Hog’s Head, bypassing the snarling Hog’s head; enjoy a glass of Butterbeer and Pumpkin Juice, or quench your thirst with an array of other beverages.

Be careful as you enter the Care of Magical Creatures grounds, pass Hagrid’s stone hut and enjoy the family-friendly Hippogriff ride. Swoop back past Hagrid’s hut and make your way around the pumpkin patch on the mythological creature ride. Discover the mysteries of the famous castle as you venture through the corridors and classrooms of Hogwarts.

Enter through the castle gates and visit iconic settings of Dumbledore’s office, the Gryffindor common room, and several other classrooms. Take the opportunity to interact with animated artwork with more surprises along the way and have the chance to see Hogwarts like you have never seen it before. With a little magical help, the thrilling multi-dimensional ride will take you soaring above the castle grounds and allow you to come face-to-face with a variety of magical creatures. If you don’t want to partake in the ride, tours which don’t include the ride are available.

Why not stay around for a few extra hours and watch the magic of Hogwarts come to life under the stars? From the village of Hogsmeade, watch in awe as projections are cast against the magical backdrop. Embrace your house pride as each of the four houses are honoured through light and sound. Coming soon to the village of Hogsmead, the darkness takes over! Switch out the joyful lights of the four houses for the unforgettable experience of the Dark Arts.

Watch from Hogsmeade as the Hogwarts castle is lit up with Dementors, Death Eaters, and other unutterable creatures. The stone walls are soon to cast an insight into the darker side of magic. Experience the withering bodies of Inferi, the soul sucking Dementors, and shivers as the haunting image of Voldemort takes over Hogwarts in an ominous spectacle of light and music - coming soon to select nights. Whether you opt to peruse the route of the light side or delve into the darkness it’s a perfect way to end an unforgettable experience in the world of Harry Potter.


©Universal Studios