Staff Educational: MS Magellan

Date Posted: 17/03/2020

When you think about cruising destinations, the Mediterranean and Caribbean instantly spring to mind. People rarely think about visiting what is on their own doorstep…

Michelle Payne from our Cruise Call Centre enjoyed an educational cruise sailing around Scotland and the Faroe Islands with Cruise and Maritime. Read about her experience…

“It was stunning. Yes, the weather was pretty rubbish in places but I still had a fantastic trip and it has spurred me on to do more cruises like this in the future.

Our ship sailed from the Tyne, which was ideal for me as I left the house and 20 minutes later I was at the cruise terminal. Having cruised many times before with larger cruise companies, I had preconceptions about sailing with Cruise and Maritime on board Magellan. I am pleased to say that the ship pleasantly surprised me. Of course, she’s an older ship and doesn’t have the facilities of these super liners out there but there is something really special about her and what she has to offer. Three things stood out for me - food, service, and value for money!"

"The ship can accommodate around 1,200 passengers and the staff to passenger ratio is around 1:2.5. I can hand on heart say that I have never met so many attentive staff with such genuine smiles. You can really sense a sort of family atmosphere on board this ship and I really liked how the captain mingled with staff and customers; which can sometimes be lacking from larger ships."

"Food… well what can I say? I put on 6 lbs! Breakfast consisted of the normal buffet fare or you could choose waiter service in the Kensington restaurant. I would really recommend the smoked salmon, avocado, and cream cheese bagels – yum! Lunch and afternoon tea were served in Raffles and if the sun does manage to show you can sit and enjoy this on the deck.

For fussy eaters who only like plain food, you can get chips and delicious handmade pizzas. The evening meal was a five-course extravaganza but I had to cut it down to three courses in the end. Highlights included grilled swordfish in a garlic lemon olive oil with parsley potatoes and ratatouille and to follow was lemon meringue pie.

I can honestly say I’ve had some of my best meals at sea on this ship and when we spoke to the head chef he explained that not only is everything made fresh on board but they also buy locally in port. I was lucky enough to attend the new Indian speciality restaurant on board and if you like curry then you are in for a treat here. The cover charge is a mere £14.95pp and discounted if you take a premium or VIP package for drinks. If you are vegan and vegetarian then look no further, you have very little to worry about - the choice is just fab!

When I mentioned value for the money, the drinks package is £138pp for a 7-night cruise and you also get your tips included and a complimentary bottle of wine in your cabin. That works out at just £19.71pp per day and to put things into perspective a glass of wine is normally priced at £5, so I would 100% recommend adding this to your cruise prior."

"On the itinerary, I visited Dundee, Shetland, Faroe, Orkney, Isle of Skye, Belfast, and then disembarked in Liverpool. The stand-out for me had to be the breathtaking Faroe Island. When we sailed past I was stunned by the scenery, little coloured houses, and the prehistoric feel it had… you could really imagine that Vikings once roamed the island. Isle of Skye was another of my favourites; with its painted houses aligning the harbour it was just so picturesque. I also did an excursion to Dunvegan Castle, which was simply picture-perfect perched on the loch with stunning gardens."

"I can say I will definitely be back on a Cruise and Maritime ship, and particularly Magellan, in the near future. The destinations and value for money are just outstanding!”