Wallet–friendly destinations for travellers on a budget

Date Posted: 19/06/2017

Are you aching to get away but don’t want to break the bank? Don’t worry, you don’t have to. We have a selection of destinations, where the purse will stretch furthest to help you make that holiday you’ve been dreaming of a reality. 

Sunny Beach

The Annual Post Office Money named this resort the most affordable holiday destination for the fourth year in a row. But price isn’t everything – Sunny Beach offers good hotels, great nightlife, and tasty food and wine. It has been revealed that a lunch for two is under £6 and bottles of wine vary between £2 and £4 each. Overall, it is great value for money, but don’t forget the resort has a reputation as the party capital of the Black Sea coast. With this said, if you’re on the lookout for the clubbing holiday of a lifetime, don’t waste any more time and book Sunny Beach now! Club Cacao Beach is famous for its summer DJ sets, boasting some of the best performers in Europe.  If you want to take a break from partying for a few hours, stretch out on the town’s long beach - 8 kilometres of golden sand to be precise.


Glorious Budapest sits on the Danube River and is filled with cool cafes, hipster hotels, grand architecture, and exciting design. It is rightly considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Having been home to humans for many centuries, this city is a highly historic spot - its medieval castles, leafy parks and peppery goulash make it easy to love! And to top this off you can easily get by on £25. Bargain! One of the landmarks is the riverside Buda Castle, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. A little tip from Hays Travel is to book a night-time cruise to see the sites in all their twinkling beauty. 


Enjoy some of Europe’s finest beaches, scalloped bays, sandy islands and bucket loads of sunshine in wallet-friendly Algarve. A three-course evening meal and a bottle of wine will cost visitors from the UK approximately £26. But there’s more to Algarve than just great-value, sun and sea! This region offers a great choice of activities to keep you occupied, such as an open-top bus tour across the resort’s top landmarks for under £15, or a half-day cruise along the coastline exploring its spectacular caves for £20. Close enough is Seville, the capital of Andalucia, filled with romantic plazas, open-air cafes, and beautiful parks.

South Africa

Even though getting there is not as cheap as travelling to other African countries, South Africa continues to be one of the most affordable long haul destinations for holiday makers from Britain. But let’s face it, travelling halfway around the world could be pricey, so make sure you book through a travel agent, as they will know how to find the best and most convenient deal for you. Once you have this out of the way, there isn’t much to worry about. If you’re looking to catch some winter sun, South Africa offers five-star hotels for the price of a B&B in England. Cape Town is a great place to start – it was recently voted the best city in the world by Telegraph Travel readers, and with award-winning beaches, whale-watching and endless vineyards, you’ll bag loads of experiences too.


For many, ‘bargain holiday’ and ‘Tokyo’ don’t belong in the same sentence, but you’ll be surprised how much cheaper it is compared to destinations such as the Dominican Republic or Dubai.  Tokyo is one of the cities to make an appearance on this year’s Post Office Travel Money list of best value holiday spots - it made our list of suggestions too! Japan offers an intoxicating mix of exotic culture and modern architecture. So forget about Japan’s reputation as an expensive travel destination. You can stay in a hostel, or one of Tokyo’s famous capsule hotels, from £25 per person, which isn’t bad for the capital city of a developed nation.