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Krakow: Jodie Kitching, Email Marketing

Date Posted: 05/06/2019

I’d like to call myself a foodie, so accept this as your pre-warning that this blog contains a lot of pictures of food and cocktails!

Having been to Krakow before, this time around I was really excited to try different foods, sample some restaurants and go exploring. We stayed at the Pergamin Old Town Apartments which are about a five-minute walk from the main square. The main square is where all the bars, restaurants and shops are and ideally, where you want to be depending on what you’re going to Krakow for.

On the first day, we landed around 7pm so headed straight to our hotel and then went out for some food in the square. We fancied Italian and headed out around 10pm to look for somewhere to eat. A lot of places had stopped serving food in the square at this time but we managed to find ‘Le Grande Mamma’. As it wasn’t cold outside we decided to sit out and use the complimentary blankets available. We soon noticed that all of the restaurants provide blankets and heaters which gave it such a lovely cosy feeling.  After tucking in to a delicious meal, wrapped up and sipping our cocktails, we took the opportunity to plan our weekend ahead. 

Before we flew to Krakow I did some research on the cool places to eat, and the Jewish Quarter was top of the list.  So our second day saw us head into the Jewish Quarter on a quest to find the best foods Krakow had to offer!

We sat in a corner restaurant with some fresh lemonade before we went into the main part of the Jewish Quarter. Whilst sitting, I spotted in the distance a couple with a long pizza (known as a Zapiekanka) and at that moment I knew this was what I wanted! After staring out the couple walking past with them and seeing a few other people eating them on the steps, I knew I had not made a mistake and this was most definitely for me.

 At starting prices of 10 zloty, which is around £2.03, this filled me right up for most the day! I got one with chicken, bacon, sweetcorn, cheese and spinach, with mayo added on top. I followed this with a delicious vanilla and chocolate ice cream to cool down in the warm weather - this was only 7 zloty!

Later that day, we headed over to Hard Rock for a cocktail in the main square. Here you’re looking at around 33 zloty (approx. £6.78) for a cocktail, but it was hands down my favourite cocktail that we tried! Later that night we went back to Hard Rock for food and we all opted for burgers (not going to lie- if I was a food it would be a burger!)

The food was amazing! Hard Rock was one of the more expensive places we went, but the food and drinks were 10/10. If you wanted a cocktail, food and water at Hard Rock I would suggest taking 100 zloty to be on the safe side, which only works out at around £20.36.

On Sunday morning we went to a place called ‘Mr Pancake’ which was around a 20-minute walk from our hotel as we fancied some amazing pancakes. I opted for the pile of pancakes which came with a white chocolate and rose sauce then cream drizzled on top followed by ice cream and fresh fruit. Let me tell you… it was unreal! I would definitely recommend this place for food. It had a cool, quirky feel to it and there’s a good outside area too, especially for when it’s sunny! The pancake I went for was 28 zloty which works out at around £5.50, and this was a five-pancake stack so such a bargain!


After filling ourselves with pancakes and fresh lemonade we decided we wanted to go to see the Wawel Castle to separate our eating and drinking up a little. We didn’t go inside the castle, however, we walked around the grounds. You can walk up the bank to head into the castle where you’re met with a little archway on the left, and from here you can walk around the outside. We continued to walk up and ended up seeing this amazing part of the building with a gold top!

The views from the top of the castle were gorgeous and it really helped that it was a nice day too, you could see where all the boats docked and we watched them as they went along the river.

As Sunday was our last night we thought we’d go for a lovely Italian meal. I went for a pizza which was delicious!

Afterwards we wanted to try some new bars. I found a bar called ‘The Free Bar’ which was right at the square and we went there to start our night. This is a little quirky bar where you have to walk down some stairs to get to it. We really liked the vibe of here, we sat in a cosy little area out the way and reminisced of our time away. Also, the fact that a double vodka was only 10 zloty was a good selling point too! This works out around only £2.04, which is unbelievably cheap. We stayed here for a while and then ended up going into a bar in the square that we had been to a few times, however, this time karaoke was on! Not being a big karaoke person at first I was like ‘oh jeez’ but within an hour I was singing away and Ross and Charlotte even ended up on the stage whilst I supported from the crowd!

With our heads being a little sore the next day we opted to have an easy day. We went to a little place called ‘Cosmic Mini-Golf Pub’ which was around an eight-minute walk from our hotel. We paid 19 zloty for a round of glow in the dark mini-golf. There was also air hockey and Jenga to play too!

If you’re looking for something to break up your day I recommend this, it’s cheap and they do an alcohol deal too if you’re interested. I promise it’s harder than it looks!

All in all I absolutely loved this weekend away! I ate good food, drank some wonderful cocktails and the company was amazing. Krakow has such a good vibe about it and this is why I went back a second time! If you’re looking for a cheap weekend away, filled with good food and culture, I would absolutely recommend here.