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Iceland: Blue Lagoon

Date Posted: 28/08/2019

Koysal Rahman, Social Media
Day 3
Solo Traveller
My trip in Iceland has been made. Through the stress of arriving at the wrong airport and the cloudy skies causing me to miss out on seeing the Northern Lights first time round, Iceland had become a country that exceeded my expectations. I wasn’t even done yet. On my last full day I had planned to go to the Blue Lagoon in the afternoon and to explore Reykjavik, there still wasn’t much to do during the day. I went souvenir shopping, and went to a café to grab a bite to eat before I headed to the Lagoon.
When I arrived it was spitting rain and I was concerned with my time selection. I imagined this super chilled place, however to get into the Blue lagoon it was like a high security operation. It was packed full of security guards, I can only assume to prevent any mischievous behaviour. The male changing rooms are upstairs, and the female changing rooms are located on the ground floor.  You are assigned a cool wristband which gives you access to the lockers, a free drink, and a face mask (only available on selected packages). 


There are plenty of towels on hand, so no need to bring your own that even includes shampoo and shower gel as they have plenty of both on the walls.
Walking out to the lagoon it was COLD and still spitting rain! Remember the sulphur smell from the Geysirs? Expect it here too! The Lagoon is sky blue and breathtaking beautiful. To be honest there isn’t much to do, aside from relaxing, walking about and chatting away with other people. Which leads me to my biggest advice! I went as a single man, and I have never felt more alone and single in my life. On one hand you’re surrounded by couples getting “cosy”. On the other you’re surrounded by families with kids laughing away. If I could do this again, I’d either go with mates, or a significant other.
Personally, it was just awkward for me. I was done with the relaxing after 30 minutes, and I had 2 hours booked in. But please don’t get me wrong, it is super relaxed and the surroundings are out of this world, I just couldn’t ignore the sounds of laughter and general chit chat. I found that the Blue Lagoon was great for an aesthetic photo, but not so good if you’re travelling solo (and extremely sociable like me.)
My upside, there is a bus back to the heart of Reykjavik every hour :)


 Even when I got back to my hostel my hair still felt like straw, despite the multiple showers.
As it was my last night, I decided to finish off my Icelandic Krona’s, some of you may guess what happened next… to the pub! I met up with some guys from the states, who I had met through one of the tours I had previously been on. . We went to a BrewDog, and we were pleasantly surprised by the price. As we discussed what our future travel plans were over a pint or two, it was a nice send off to finish my Icelandic adventure ready for my trip back home.